Our Institute aims to the promotion and development of polytechnic character's Higher Education in the Information Technologies' area. Our educational mission is described as follows:

  • By the higher level of qualification that we provide to our students, training them in an international reference scenario and provide them knowledge and skills highly specialized, that grant them success in their career’s performance;
  • By a culture of perception, appreciation and recognition for our researchers, teachers and staff;
  • By the incentive to intellectual and professional evolution as well as to the mobility of students and graduates, both nationally and internationally, particularly in the European area;
  • By the contribution which our institute can make to society through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge benefiting, mainly, the region of Porto and Greater Porto, particularly providing services to the community and high-level professional development;
  • By the promotion and management of activities that support a humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological culture;
  • By a well-qualified employment, an expert teaching staff and a permanent requirement for their individual training and a continuous innovation, improvement, and advancement of the subjects;
  • By, in first-hand, respecting the need of our country for a specialized high education must turn equally outside, through establishment of agreements and collaboration with other abroad institutes (sharing human resources, scientific knowledge and educational technologies);
  • By the research and development of technologies in order to allow the increase of learning resources, which the students are able to use through the use of the educational multimedia technologies, communication and online interaction systems. The aim is to increase the quality of the global teaching and shape new educational ways of interaction allowing to an optimization of our student’s learning time, in order to create a teaching system based on a skills development.

Educational Project

Our educational project is described as:

  • Study cycles management, particularly 1st and 2nd cycles, in information technology, multimedia, networks and telecommunications and computer security areas.
  • Promotion of actions related with postgraduate training, specialized training, and continuous training in information technologies' area.
  • Collaboration with both national and international entities through protocols, that turn it possible to bring together the skills, human resources, and technologies necessary to develop an efficient and evolved teaching model.
  • Training and professional experience validation through credits’ (ECT'S) attribution, in accordance with the law as well with the scientific and pedagogical autonomy of the institute.
  • Use of pedagogical technologies of interactive multimedia and online communication and interaction systems, aiming to maximize the teaching and learning efficiency.
  • Organization and promotion at different levels of oriented research, aiming to realize both national and international projects that require high standard of professional development;
  • Establishment of a powerful network partnerships with other higher education institutions, companies, public institutions, and associations located in Porto and Greater Porto, in order to create advantageous and competitive collaborations for the Institute’s affirmation and prosperity, both in terms of national or international level.