Networks and Information Systems Lab

  • Plan and design communications networks; 
  • Install and configure communication networks, in terms of cabling infrastructure;
  • Install, configure and manage virtualization systems;
  • Install, configure and manage virtual e-mail platforms and Web services;
  • Implementation and management of security systems in computer networks.

Multimedia and Sound Lab

  • Design and development of narratives and audiovisual content, using sound, image and video in an integrated way;
  • Application of language and lighting techniques;
  • Learn camera and video technologies;
  • Investigation about digital cinematography;
  • Application of audio's post-production tools.

Information and Documentation Center

ISTEC Porto benefits of an Information and Documentation Center. There you can find not only the materials and resources to support the different courses (about 250 books) but also access to the “Springer” network across the institute as well as anywhere else. This network has around 10 areas specialized in information technologies, however students can also have access to it in the information and documentation center.

The specialization's areas are as follows:
  • Business & Information Systems Engineering - Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden;
  • Information Technology & Tourism - Springer Berlin Heidelberg;
  • Information Technology and Management - Springer US;
  • Telecommunication Systems - Springer US;
  • Mobile Networks and Applications - Springer US;
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications - Springer US;
  • Quality and User Experience - Springer International Publishing;
  • Research in Engineering Design - Springer London;
  • Wireless Networks - Springer US;
  • Wireless Personal Communications - Springer US.