Multimedia Engineering

Course Overview

This Degree aims to train specialists in the field of multimedia computing technologies. On successful completion of this degree a student will be able to: Develop multimedia systems, interactive e-learning content, multimedia applications for the World Wide Web; design and implement e-commerce systems, information portals and virtual advertising.

Duration | Regime | ECTs

Degree – 6 semesters

Regime Daytime | After-work

180 ECTs


  • Development of computer solutions, including the theoretical design of databases and application programming;
  • Management of database systems;
  • Design, implementation, management and maintenance of fixed and wireless corporate network systems of local or ample area networks; Development and implementation of cryptography techniques for cybersecurity management;
  • Planning and implementation of security systems in computer networks;
  • Development and implementation of virtualization models.

  • Students who have concluded secondary education, realized the entrance examinations - Mathematics A or Mathematics B -  and have obtained a minimum mark of 9.5;
  • Students over 23 years old, who were approved in the specifically appropriate tests which are required by law;
  • Students from special systems and other higher education establishments, legally authorized.

Course Coordinator

Tutor Doctor Ricardo Baptista