National Competition for Access to Higher Education

Candidates will be selected for the specific course, by assigning an application grade (on a scale of 0 to 200) calculated using the following weighting:


Final Grade of High School Education


Admission Assessment Grade

Applicants must respect the minimum grade of 95 points in the respective entrance test and 95 points in the average application

Candidates will be sorted in descending order of their respective application grades in existing vacancies.

The following documents are required to complete the application process:
  • Current photo
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Qualifications certificates with average specified
  • Identification Document

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OVER 23 years old

Candidates who have completed 23 years of age by December 31 of the year preceding the assessments and who have any teaching qualifications.

Application Steps

Application Requirements

Documents to be presented when registering for admission tests for persons over 23 years of age, completed by 31 December of the year before the tests:

  • Qualifications Certificate;
  • Curriculum Vitae (European Model);
  • Identification document.

Components of the evaluation of the application

Realize an assimilation/exposure skills' test

First part - candidate attending a 30-minute lesson given by a tutor in the scientific field of the intended course;

Second part - Candidate writting a short presentation about the same lesson, with 1 hour to prepare it.


of the final grade

Evaluation of the candidate's school and professional curriculum

Europass Curriculum vitæ

Example 01 | Example 02


of the final grade

Evaluation of the motivations presented by the candidate for selecting the higher education course, through an interview


of the final grade

Change of Institution/Course

Requirement for CandidatesWho can apply through the Re-Entry and Change of Institution / Course Pair regime:

  • Students who have already been registered and enrolled in other Portuguese Higher Education establishments only if they have not completed it.
  • Students who have already been registered and enrolled in international higher education establishments in a higher education course, only if they have not completed it.

Curricular Modules

Candidates who do not satisfy with the formal requirements for access to higher education, can register and engage in course units that integrate the degrees tutored at ISTEC, in free or evaluation regime.

When the candidate formally enters ISTEC, the curricular modules concluded under evaluation/assessment will be immediately credited, according to the current legislation.

The registration in course modules under evaluation, will be a way of interested individuals, who do not have the formal requirements to be admitted in a degree course yet, taking advantage of time and acquiring knowledge.

Necessary Documents

  • Vaccine Bulletin

  • 2 Photos

  • Identification Document

  • Certificate of Qualifications

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